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We use Bremick quality screws. Fasteners are required to secure roofs, walls and a number of different uses on buildings. The exact number of fasteners you need will be governed by on the number of supports you are using, the type of profile roof or cladding you use, and the width of the sheet. Fasteners are used to firmly bond the sheet metal flashings to wall cladding’s or other sheet metal.

There are three common types of fasteners: Timber screws- Type 17, Metal/Timber vortex and Metal Tek- self-drilling screws. When fixing metal roofing, all these types of screws will have a neo or Bra on them that will hold your fastener in place, and provide a waterproof seal.

Screws 1

Screws 2

screws 3

We can also access many other screws and fasteners from the Bremick range for you to complete that job.

Our accessories include:

Touch-up Paint: spray cans that can match your Colorbond colour
Glues: available in silicone or sikaflex for repairs or protection
Dektites: multiple sizes, made from a durable polymer material
Drill Bits: 1/8 double ended for standard pop rivets
Screws: all types of sizes, colours, and applications
Rivets: available in the full range of Colorbond colours.
Infill Strips: foam fillers available in a range of roofing profiles.




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