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Stainless Steel Box Gutter
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Stainless steel guttering is one of the toughest rain gutter materials around and stainless steel guttering is also one of the most durable and longest lasting materials. Stainless steel gutters have higher durability, strong weathering capability, very long life and low maintenance. Stainless steel guttering is therefore great value where stainless steel’s extra strength is needed, there is a higher initial installation cost. But in the long run, stainless steel gutters are much less costly than short-lived low-cost products.

Stainless steel has developed into a product of choice to the commercial market for flashings, rainwater goods, gutters and downpipes. We have an ever increasing range of stainless steel coil stock and the ability to deliver specialised products as specified on projects. Stainless steel is available in the following grades T304 and T316 Marine. With our extensive range of products, you can be certain to find just what you need for your home or commercial requirements. All our box gutters which have their sumps, stop ends & outlets fitted before leaving the workshop are riveted & soldered, not siliconed where possible. Coils in stock ready to use.


Grade Thickness (mm)                                 Coil width (mm)                                                     Finish Coating

304 0.55                                                                 1219                                                                           2B

304 0.55                                                                    914                                                                           2B

316 0.55                                                                  1219                                                                           2B

304 0.70                                                                  1219                                                                      No4 Pol

304 0.90                                                                  1219                                                                      No4 Pol


If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff members are always happy to answer your questions.


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